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School Sponsorship


HON sponsors the school education and hostel accomodation for these disadvantaged students at 2 schools in Jaffna. 


Residential Care Program


HON has provided funding for this home since 2005. The girls in this home are either orphaned or come from families who are unable to care for them due to poverty or death of a parent. There are currently 15 girls in residential care ranging from age 7-17 years. 

Akkarayan Tutoring Centre


This tutoring centre was built in 2016 by Rotary Burwood in partnership with the Methodist Church of Sri Lanka, and facilitated by HON. It supports the education of disadvantaged children in the remote community of Akkarayan, enabling them to gain access to the same facilities and opportunities as children in more well-supported city areas. There are currently over 200 children attending the centre, which is overseen by our partners on the ground (Child Action Lanka). Children are taught English, Maths, Science, Computers, Languages and Social Studies. HON provides ongoing support to fund teaching staff, resources and maintenance of the centre. One of our students is now in medical school and a number were preparing for A level exams.

Pre-school and Feeding Program


This pre-school caters to approximately 60 children of shanty-dwellers in the vicinity. The children are given two meals as part of the program. The aim of the program is to encourage learning and prepare children and families for the discipline of attending school daily, as they come from backgrounds in which this is not the norm. It also ensures that young children are in a safe environment during the day so that their parents can earn a daily wage. 

There is also an afterschool tutoring program for school aged children to provide homework assistance. 

The Christmas Gift Project


This project began in 1994 with 20 gifts for children in one orphanage in Sri Lanka. Today, 28 years later, Help Orphans Now continues to provide gifts at Christmas to nearly 3500 children in orphanages around the country, irrespective of  the child's race or religion. 


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*Some identifying information regarding the homes has been withheld for the protection of our kids. If you would like more detailed information about these projects, please contact us

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