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HON, though a relatively small organisation, makes a significant impact on the lives of the children supported by our programs. Reasons to support HON include:


1. Volunteer based:

HON is run by a group of responsible volunteers committed to making a difference, some being significant donors themselves. This means that they have as much interest in ensuring that projects are well run and accountable as any other donor. 


2. Minimal costs:

There are no administrative costs attached to maintaining an office or staff. The only costs are unavoiable service fees of 7% payable to Global Development Group, who facilitate tax deductibility for donations to HON, audit fees, and bank charges for international transfers. 


3. Caring home environments:

HON orphanages are run by passionately dedicated wardens, some of whom have been orphans themselves. They create a warm and caring home that has a 'family feel' rather than an institutionalised atmosphere, so each child receives individual care and support. 


4. Small homes:

The number of children in our orphanages range from 8-15, depending on the space in the home, and meet the ratio of six children to a caregiver in accordance with local child probation requirements. 


5. Child probation compliance:

All our orphanages are regularly checked by child probation officers who have consistently reported favourably on the management. 





6. Local accountability:

HON partners in Sri Lanka visit the homes regularly, check accounts and report back to HON on a bi-annual basis. This way HON is kept up to date with news about the children, their achievements and progress, as well as their needs and problems, and is able to respond in a timely manner. 


7. First-hand feedback from HON members:

Many Australian HON members visit the projects in Sri Lanka at their own cost several times throughout the year. Some have stayed in the homes themselves to get a feel for how they are run and what improvements can be made. 


8. Financial transparency and audited accounts:

All HON accounts are audited by Frost Crane, independent auditors, and reports are submitted annually. 


9. Trustworthy local partners:

HON works with trustworthy local partners that are well known to HON members. 


10. Clear track records:

Over the past 9 years since HON was founded, our orphanages and projects have facilitated consistent funding for and catered to the needs of hundreds of children with no complaints from out partners in Sri Lanka, government authorities, Australian donors or the children themselves. 

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