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Ruth Home

HON provided funding for this home from 2005-2017. The girls in this home were either orphaned or came from families who were unable to care for them due to poverty or death of a parent. The sponsorship provided included university support, with many of the girls now graduated in law, arts, IT and science.

Diyalagoda Home


HON began supporting this home of 8 girls in 2012. Some of the girls in this home were placed there by the Department of Probation (similar to the Department of Family and Community Services). Others had lost one or both parents. As vacancies became available, the girls were transferred to other homes.

*Identifying information regarding the homes has been witheld for the protection of our kids. If you would like more detailed information about these projects, please contact us

Re-building an orphanage in Batticaloa

HON facilitated the re-building of this orphanage through funding raised by the Rotary Club of Wahroonga and Brambles. The property was initially used as a cattle-shed and very little had been done to make it suitable for use as a home for children. Prior to being re-built, it was in a state of disrepair, and was at risk of being closed down due to its dilapidated condition. Thanks to the funding provided by Rotary and Brambles, it is now a beautiful home for 52 girls. 

Purchase of premises for a home in Jaela


The property for this home was purchased by Best & Less in 2006. At the time there were twelve children who came from dysfunctional families (their parents being drug users, in prison, involved in prositution, etc.). Providing the premises for this home has given these kids a secure living environment and a future. 

Funding for daily needs of children in the Jaela home

HON funded the daily needs of the twelve children in this home from its inception in mid-2005 to 2010. The home is now in the safe hands of another funding agency, allowing HON to take on other much-needed funding projects. 

Renovating toilets for the use of children in the Kandana Feeding Program

The toilets at the site of the Kandana feeding program were in a state of disrepair and needed urgent attention. HON's funding made it possible for the toilets to be renovated.

Re-roofing and renovating the Ruth Girls Home

As at 2005, the Ruth Girls Home had a dilapidated thatched roof and mud walls. HON funded the re-roofing and renovation of the home to ensure a safe environment for the girls. 

University entrance program

HON provided funding for 26 students whose financial situation made it impossible for them to otherwise enter university, despite being accepted into their courses. As a result of this funding, these students will be able to break the cycle of poverty, with all of the recipients being the first in their families to go on to tertiary education. 


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