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HON is run by a group of responsible volunteers committed to making a difference, some being significant donors themselves. This means that they have as much interest in ensuring that projects are well-run and accountable as any other donor. This also means that there are no administrative costs attached to maintaining an office or staff. 


Many of HON's members visit our projects in Sri Lanka on a regular basis and provide progress reports and updates on the needs of the children. 

Team Picture.jpg

From left to right:

  • Natasha Niles (Doctor)

  • Richard Botta (Pastor)

  • Manjula Rajaratnam (General Practitioner)

  • Rohan Rajaratnam (Cardiologist)

  • Sharminie Niles (Lawyer; Chairperson of HON Board)

  • Kumudini Abeysuriya (Sustainability Researcher)

  • Catherine Gray (Lawyer)

  • Caryl Velupillai (Administrator)

  • Stuart Miller (Pastor/Administrator)

  • Nirupa Paul (Legal Assistant)

  • Dayantha Fernando (Accountant; HON Treasurer and Co-Secretary)

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