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It all began in December 1994. One woman, as a gesture of thanksgiving for the miracle of having children after it was deemed medically impossible for 7 years, gathered a small group of friends to send 20 gifts to one orphanage in Sri Lanka.


What began as a one-off action gathered momentum through the enthusiasm of that initial group and continued to grow year after year, becoming loosely known as The Sri Lankan Orphanages Christmas Gift Project. Over the years, the numbers of children impacted by this project has increased exponentially, from those 20 children in 1994 to approximately 3500 children each year, who each receive an individual gift. This achievement has been thanks to the commitment and support of many individuals, school retailers, wholesalers, churches, clubs and community groups.

In December 2004, on the eve of the tsunami, the ABC did a segment featuring the Christmas Gift Project on the 7.30 Report. In January 2005, the ABC did a follow-up segment featuring the impact of the tsunami on the orphans featured in the previous program. The second program was the catalyst for numerous offers of funding and help with re-building orphanages, and so it was that in May 2005, Help Orphans Now (HON) was founded by a committed group of volunteers. 


Since 1994, Help Orphans Now has facilitated many projects including:

  • re-building an orphanage through Sydney Rotary Clubs

  • purchasing a house for an orphanage with a grant from Australian retailer Best & Less

  • re-roofing and renovating an orphanage

  • setting up an furnishing four orphanages

  • sponsoring children in four orphanages

  • establishing several educational and tutoring programs

  • providing for a nutrition/homework program for street kids

  • re-building toilets for the use of street kids

  • funding a pre-school for disadvantaged children, including provision of 2 meals

  • building a well and water tank for an orphanage.


In addition, the Christmas Gift Project was brought under the umbrella of HON and continues to impact children in all parts of Sri Lanka, irrespective of racial or religious background.


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