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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

June 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has been relatively well controlled by the curfews that have been imposed in Sri Lanka. However, the lockdown has had significant impact on our orphaned and disadvantaged children. All schools and school hostels have been closed indefinitely. The children we support through hostels and orphanages have been sent to whoever will keep them, many to members of the community where there is no immediate family. This has also meant that for children in remote areas who do not have facilities for online learning, which is all our children, there has been no home schooling. This means that they have lost a considerable amount of learning over the past few months.


As well, food and rations have been in limited supply to the remote areas where many of our children are located. To assist with the current situation, we have provided care packs to the families that have had to keep our hostel and orphanage children during the lock down. We also propose providing additional tutoring facilities to assist with catching up on missed schoolwork as soon as possible once the restrictions are lifted.

COVID-19 has also sadly meant that this year, we have had to make the very difficult decision to hold off sending the Christmas gifts to the thousands of children across Sri Lanka we usually send gifts to for the first time in 26 years. This is primarily because of the logistical difficulties we will encounter in co- ordinating gift packing in compliance with the social distancing requirements. As well, distribution in Sri Lanka is uncertain with shipping delays and storage issues, not to mention challenges with actual delivery to remote areas.

Still, we are ever committed to our work with the orphaned and disadvantaged children in Sri Lanka and to doing all we can to ensure the children are back on track and well supported with their educational, vocational training and other needs. We are also committed to resuming the gift program next year.

Regardless of COVID-19, and in fact because of it, there is so much more to be done so your continued support is greatly appreciated. Bank details are below if you are minded to make a donation:

Tax deductible donations (for education projects) to CCC Carlingford Trust Fund: BSB: 062-320; A/C: 1027 1528

Non tax deductible donations (for welfare projects such as daily food, clothing etc) to Help Orphans Now Account: BSB: 062-300; A/C: 1018 2876

Please share with others who may wish to support Help Orphans Now.

ACN: 115 409 204 |
PO Box 2663, Carlingford NSW 2118 |

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