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Future Projects


Establishment of a tutoring centre for disadvantaged children in a remote area




















Current basic tutoring facility in the villiage


The Rotary Club of Burwood has raised funds to build a tutoring centre on donated land for primary-aged children in a remote part of Sri Lanka to replace the current very basic tutoring facility (pictured above). HON identified the need for this program due to the very basic schooling offered in the villiage school, and the lack any educational support (with many of the children's families having not completed their own education). As a result, many of these children have fallen behind and are dropping out of school.


Building plans are currently being drawn up and management of the program will be undertaken by one of HON's reliable partner organisations on the ground.


Once construction is completed, we are hoping to also provide computer training for other students (particularly those in year 12) in the area, which will stand them in good stead for the future and will broaden their employment opportunities. 


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